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The exhibition and conference will be held in the brand new extension of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The meeting rooms and exhibition hall in this new extension are in very close proximity to each other, which will enhance the exhibition and meeting.

The program is designed so that registrants are encouraged to visit the trade area at all times whilst not in scientific sessions. The trade exhibition bumps in on Wednesday, 28 September 2022 with a "Welcome Mixer and Opening of Trade Exhibition" function to be held that evening. The exhibition bumps out after the lunch/poster session on Friday, 30 September 2022.

Incentives to encourage registrants to stay in the exhibition hall include:

  • Lunches will be served in the exhibition hall for each day of the exhibition.
  • Morning and afternoon teas will be served in the exhibition hall on Thursday with morning tea on the Friday (as above, exhibition bumps out after the lunch/poster session on the Friday).
  • Dedicated poster sessions and "poster teasers" prior to the poster sessions will be held in the exhibition hall for each day of the exhibition.
  • We will be running a "Passport" competition – where all registrants are handed a "Passport"” when they register. They need to get their passports stamped by all exhibitors to be in the running for great prizes. This competition does encourage registrants to "cross the line" and visit your booth.
  • The conference will hire significant furniture (tables, chairs, ottomans etc)to be scattered around the exhibition hall to encourage registrants to stay in the area.

Exhibition Timetable

The Exhibition Timetable may be downloaded here.

Exhibition Floorplan and List of Exhibitors

The exhibition floorplan can be downloaded from here and the list of exhibitors, and their corresponding booth numbers, can be downloaded from here.

Exhibitor Information Pack

The conference organizer’s “Exhibitor Information Pack” can be downloaded from here. This should supply you with most of the information you will need.

Exhibition Contractor Pack

The exhibition contractor is Exhibit Systems.

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Cost of each booth will include

  • 3 metre x 3 metre shell
  • Fascia Sign
  • 2 x 120 watt spotlights
  • One x 4 amp power point with single outlet and on/off switch
  • 1 x complimentary exhibitor registration*
  • Morning/afternoon coffees
  • Lunches on the two days of the exhibition (Thursday and Friday)
  • Mixer function on Wednesday evening.

* Exhibitor registrations are only for trade representatives attending the booth. Abstract submission is not included in these registrations. Extra exhibitor registrations are gross $280.

Booths are $4,200+GST each and you also need to be a current Sustaining Member of one of the participating societies at the time of exhibiting. Upon confirming a booth booking, an invoice will be sent for 15% of the booth fee. Please note the 15% deposit is non refundable.

If you are interested in booking a booth, please contact me and I will send you full details.

Sally Jay
ComBio2022 Secretariat