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Jackie Wilce jackie.wilce@monash.edu.au

Program Chair:

Mark Hulett M.Hulett@latrobe.edu.au


Marc Kavansakul M.Kvansakul@latrobe.edu.au

Social Media:

Tatiana Soares da Costa t.soaresdacosta@latrobe.edu.au

Local Organizing Committee Members:

Phillip Batterham p.batterham@unimelb.edu.au
Ros Gleadow ros.gleadow@monash.edu
Patrick Humbert p.humbert@latrobe.edu.au
Tracey Kuit tburnett@uow.edu.au
Peter Mace peter.mace@otago.ac.nz
Joel Mackay joel.mackay@sydney.edu.au
Staffan Persson staffan.persson@unimelb.edu.au
Sarah Russell sarah.russell@petermac.org
Mike Ryan michael.ryan@monash.edu
Nirma Samarawickrema nirma.samarawickrema@monash.edu
Coral Warr coral.warr@utas.edu.au