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Liz Harry

Program Chair:

Annemiek Beverdam

Deputy Program Chair:

Brent Kaiser


Marc Kvansakul

Social Media:

Tatiana Soares da Costa

Stream Co-ordinators:

Plant Biology – Brent Kaiser & Margaret Barbour

Developmental, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology – Annemiek Beverdam & Michael Piper

Immunology, Infection, Host – David Jacques & Margie Sunde

Proteins and Structural Biology – Liza Cubeddu & Antoine van Oijen

Omics, Epigenetics and Bioinformatics – Iain Duggin & Roland Gamsjaeger

Cell Biology and Signalling – Kate Poole & Alaina Ammit

Biochemistry and Metabolism – Andrew Brown & Richard Callaghan

Emerging Technologies – Renee Whan & Ann Kwan

Education – Susan Rowland & Nirma Samarawickrema