ComBio2018 Miscellaneous Photos

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Conference Chair, Liz Harry, opens ComBio2018.
Opening of Conference and Acknowledgment of Country.
Career Development Forum speakers, from left: Chloe Warren, Brian Oliver, Phoebe Phillips, Melina Georgousakis and Romaric Bouveret.
Career Development Forum panel, from left: Fabien Delerue, Liz Caldon, Cath Burke, Natalie Chapman and Sheng Le.
From left: Janet Macaulay, Education Symposium speaker Erin Dolan and Susan Rowland.
Education Symposium attendees.
Education scholars’ writing room at ComBio2018.
ASBMB 50 years of membership awardee Ronald Hill with ASBMB President Leann Tilley.
ASBMB 50 years of membership awardee Ross Lilley with ASBMB President Leann Tilley.
Conference Chair Liz Harry presents a gift of thanks to Program Chair Annemiek Beverdam at the closing session.
Poster Display


Trade Exhibition
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